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Sav­ings are al­ways good to have. Set­ting sav­ing goals can be part of plan­ning for the fu­ture, mile­stones, re­pairs or hous­ing pur­chase.

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Together we’ll find the savings plan that best fits your needs. Book a consultation at a time of your choosing in the appointment icon (speech bubble) below.

Asset diversification reduces risk

Saving in funds allows you to spread your risk and increase the possibility of achieving good returns on your savings. You get a 25% discount on the initial fee of Landsbréf funds when you subscribe through online banking.

What account best suits your needs?

We offer a selection of accounts tailored to fit different needs. Creating an account in online banking only takes a couple of minutes.

It’s simple to start saving

With regular savings in online banking, you don’t need to remember to put funds aside. The amount doesn’t need to be large - small contributions quickly accumulate to larger amounts. 

Maður með síma úti í náttúrunni

You get higher interest by saving in the app

You can use the app to set savings goals, choose different savings plans that help you achieve that goal and get higher interest rates. You can also invite friends and family to save up collectively. That way everyone can contribute and watch the progress together.

Automatic transfers

You decide on an amount, when to make transfers and select a savings account. The transfer will take place automatically each month. 

Monthly fund subscription

With a monthly subscription to a fund, no purchase fee is charged and you get a discount on the transaction charge. The minimum subscription amount is ISK 5,000.

Card savings

How about contributing to savings every time you use your debit or credit card? You can round each transaction up by a set amount, or to the nearest hundred or thousand, and the amount is credited to your savings account. 

Savings consultation

Unsure which savings option to choose? We are always here to help and review the available savings plans. Book a consultation at a time of your choosing.

Key information about pension savings

In Iceland, all wage earners aged 16 to 70 are obligated to pay a percentage of their wages toward mandatory pension savings.


Moving to Iceland and need a bank account?

Creating a bank account is not complicated, even if you’re new to Iceland. To become a customer of an Icelandic bank, you first need an Icelandic identification number - kennitala. If you do not have an Id.No., your first step is to apply for one with Registers Iceland. The website of Registers Iceland,, has all information about how to apply.

Points to consider before withdrawing private pension savings

The authorities have granted temporary dispensation to withdraw private pension savings (also referred to as supplementary pension savings) as a measure to assist individuals who suffer loss of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Applying for access to online banking and the app, creating an account and getting a debit card is a matter of minutes.


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