Payment cards


The right cards for you and your fam­ily

Wheth­er you need a card for your­self or a fam­ily mem­ber, we have the solu­tion.

Here’s how to apply for a card

You can apply for a card in Landsbankinn’s app whenever you like. You can also apply for a card or switch to a different card by calling +354 410 4000.

Kona að nota farsíma

Manage your card in the app

Applying for a credit card in the app is quickly done. The app allows you to view all information about the card, monitor its balance and deposits, freeze the card and copy all card details, such as when shopping online. You can also change the limit on your card in the app and equalise credit card bills.

Debit card

Your debit card is issued to your current account. You can link your debit card to a smartphone or other contactless payment method.

Join our group of satisfied customers

Applying for access to online banking and the app, creating an account and getting a debit card is a matter of minutes.


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