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En­joy 8.75% in­terest on sav­ings in the app

Set goals and make your dreams come true

In the app, you can set savings goals and select savings plans to help you achieve these goals, and enjoy a higher interest rate. You can also invite your friends or family to join you in saving. That way, everyone can contribute and watch your savings grow together.

Set your goal
Select savings plan
Save with your family and friends
Enjoy a higher interest rate (currently ...)
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Begin by setting your goal

It’s easy to save up for the things you want. You decide what to save up for, how much and when you want to reach your goal. The app then calculates how much you have to set aside each month.

The app gives you our highest interest rate for an unrestricted deposit account (currently ...).

Calculate savings

Calculate the amount you need to set aside each month, for how long, or how much your savings will amount to at the end of a period.

24,703 kr.

How do you want to achieve your goal?

You can choose between four savings plans. You can add to your goal at any time by transferring funds. You can also transfer a set amount each month, save a portion of your salary, or save a set amount from each debit card transaction.

Single transfer
Monthly transfer
Percentage of salary
Amount from each debit card transaction
Stúlkur með síma

Saving together is more fun

Your family or group of friends can save together in the app. Opening an account is a quick and easy process, as is inviting others to save with you and watch your savings grow. Everyone in the group can contribute until the goal is reached.


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