Investor Service

Dir­ect ac­cess to data and know­ledge

In­vest­ment is a de­mand­ing and com­plex un­der­tak­ing. Easy ac­cess to in­form­a­tion and ex­pert know­ledge is key to being able to re­spond rap­idly to eco­nom­ic or market de­vel­op­ments.

Our service

We offer investment advice, securities and FX brokerage for pension funds, insurance firms, asset management firms, charities, institutions, family firms and high net worth individuals.

  • Regular provision of market information
  • Contact with the account managers in Asset Management & Capital Markets
  • Access to analysts with Economic Research and Landsbréf’s fund managers

Advisory service and brokerage

Account managers with extensive experience provide professional advice, tailored to fit the needs of each investor. 

Our clients have direct access to domestic and international markets - individual securities, currency and funds - through Landsbankinn’s partnership with experienced and recognised asset management houses. 

Our partners

Our domestic partner is Landsbréf, a subsidiary of the Bank. On an international level, we have developed partnerships with leading asset management firms, notably LGT Capital Partners, Jupiter and UBS Investment Bank, as well as other international companies. Our main partners include:

Access to market data

Investor Service grants customers access to regular market information. As a client of Investor Service, you can request meetings with employees from Landsbankinn Economic Research, Landsbréf’s fund managers or international funds Landsbankinn partners with.

Asset Management

Búi Örlygsson

Head of Department 410 7149
Teitur Páll Reynisson

Teitur Páll Reynisson

Account Manager 410 7165
Valdimar A. Valdimarsson

Valdimar Agnar Valdimarsson

Account Manager 410 7115
Vigdís S. Hrafnkelsdóttir

Vigdís Sif Hrafnkelsdóttir

Account Manager 410 7161


Árni Maríasson

Árni Maríasson

Head of Department 410 7335
Gunnar S. Tryggvason

Gunnar Smári Tryggvason

Securities Broker 410 6709
Hörður Sigurjónsson

Hörður Steinar Sigurjónsson

Securities Broker 410 7336
Ottó Stefán Michelsen

Ottó Stefán Michelsen

Securities Broker 410 7354
Ólafur Jörgen Hansson

Ólafur Jörgen Hansson

Securities Broker 410 7332
Pétur Kristinn Guðmarsson

Pétur Kristinn Guðmarsson

Securities Broker 410 7331
Þórunn B. Steingrímsdóttir

Þórunn Björk Steingrímsdóttir

Securities Broker 410 7337

FX Brokerage

Ingólfur Áskelsson

Ingólfur Áskelsson

FX Broker 410 7360
Magnús Þórður Rúnarsson

Magnús Þórður Rúnarsson

FX Broker 410 7344
Stefnir Kristjánsson

Stefnir Kristjánsson

FX Broker 410 7360

Corporate Finance

Ellert Arnarson

Ellert Arnarson

Head of Department 410 7342
Friðrik Snæbjörnsson

Friðrik Þór Snæbjörnsson

Specialist 410 7345

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