Authentication methods

Au­then­tic­at­ing and log­ging in

Choose between dif­fer­ent meth­ods to log in and con­firm pay­ments in on­line bank­ing and the app.

Authentication methods

You can authenticate using biometrics with smart devices, electronic ID on your phone or with the Auðkenni app from Auðkenni - whichever suits you best at each time.

Electronic ID
Electronic ID on your phone is a simple and convenient way to authenticate and sign.
The Auðkenni app
The app relies on an Internet connection and works anywhere in the world, regardless of whether your phone number is Icelandic or not.
Use fingerprint or face ID to log in to Landsbankinn’s app.

Electronic ID on phones

Electronic ID is personal identification used in electronic transactions. It is a simple and convenient method to authenticate and sign.

Electronic ID is stored on your phone’s SIM card and works with almost all phones.


The Auðkenni app

The Auðkenni app from Auðkenni can hold electronic ID. This is particularly useful for customers with non-Icelandic phone numbers or who may not have phone connectivity but can still access the Internet.

Electronic ID can be activated through the self-service channels of Auðkenni's app from anywhere in the world. 

Stúlka með síma

Biometrics (face ID or fingerprint)

Landsbankinn’s app supports login and authentication with biometrics, i.e. face ID or fingerprints, depending on your smart device.

When you register biometrics as a login method for the first time, you need to authenticate using one of the other methods. Once that is done, you’ll be able to log in using the registered biometrics.

Strong customer authentication

Strong customer authentication (SCA) requires you to use two out of three methods to verify your identity when you log in to online banking or confirm payment online.

Who you are
Such as fingerprints or face ID
What you know
Such as a password or PIN
What you have access to
Such as a phone, card or security token


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