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Landsbankinn's app

Your fin­ances in the palm of your hand

Lands­bank­inn’s app is a se­cure and quick way to tend to bank­ing business any­time and any­where.

You can use the app to:

Utilise your credit limit to apply for an Aukalán or change your overdraft
Apply for a credit card
Suspend and activate payment cards
Trade in equities and funds
View payment card information and PINs
Fólk í sumarbústað

Sharing access to finances

In the app, you can decide to grant view access to your finances or authorisation to carry out general transactions on your behalf, depending on your needs. Revoking access authorisations is also easy.

Savings in the app - screenshot

Convenient to save in app

It’s easy to begin saving in the app. Just set a goal, decide on an amount and time limit, and the app calculates how much you need to set aside each month to reach your target. You can also save towards a joint goal with family or friends. There's no fixed term and it's easy to begin.


Simpler trading

You can trade in domestic equities in the app and buy and sell in funds anytime and anywhere. You can also subscribe to funds and get a clear overview of your securities assets and transaction history.

Authentication methods

You can choose between different methods to log in and confirm the payments in online banking and the app. You can authenticate using biometrics with smart devices, electronic ID on your phone or with the Auðkenni app from Auðkenni - whichever suits you best at each time.

Use banking services for mobiles and the Internet

In most cases, there is no need to visit a bank branch to utilise banking services as most main transactions and various services can be accessed using mobile phones or a computer. This is a summary of services that do not require bank visits or human contact.


Join our group of satisfied customers

Applying for access to online banking and the app, creating an account and getting a debit card is a matter of minutes.


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