Sustainable savings

Re­turns based on sus­tain­ab­il­ity

Save while helping the environment

With sustainable savings, you can make an impact by allocating your savings to projects and investments that support sustainability.

Global impact
Responsible investment
Multi-Asset Fund - Sustainable

This fund focuses on asset diversification and sustainability to yield returns. Investment in a diversified portfolio is a sensible way to achieve maximum returns with minimal risk.

Vaxtareikningur premium rate account - Sustainable

Funds deposited into the Vaxtareikningur premium rate account - sustainable are allocated to projects that contribute to sustainability. This way, your savings can have a positive impact on the environment and society.

What are sustainable savings?

When you deposit funds into a sustainable savings account, we allocate an amount to sustainable lending. An example of sustainable lending are vehicle loans for electric cars.

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How do we assess sustainability?

Sustainable savings are generally allocated to investments that are assessed according to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria or lending under Landsbankinn’s Sustainable Finance Framework.

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General disclaimer on fund investments

Fund transactions may be risky, and past returns are not necessarily an indication of future return. Investment in funds always involves risk, as unit prices can both increase and decrease, due among other things to changes in the value of underlying assets and exchange rate fluctuations when fund assets are in foreign currencies.

 Interested investors are therefore encouraged to independently investigate the information on which they base their investment decisions and to seek independent advice, including on how taxation may affect the investment.

Note that investment funds have greater investment authorisation than mutual funds according to Act No. 45/2020, on Alternative Investment Fund Managers. Investors are advised to closely study the key investor information and prospectus of funds before investing in them, as these documents include more details on the funds including risk factors, investment authorisations and use of derivatives. You can also find general information about risk factors relating to fund investments in Landsbankinn's risk profile for financial instrument transactions, which can be found here.

The prospectus, key investor information and other information on Landsbréf funds can be found here, under the name of the respective fund.

Risk profile for financial instrument transactions (PDF in Icelandic)

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