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Landsbankinn’s websites and social media content

Information published on Landsbankinn’s websites is based on sources the Bank regards as dependable at each time. The Bank cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of all such information. Furthermore, the information and views presented may change without notice. The Bank cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of third party information that may be published on its website.

Information published on the Bank’s website is general and shall not be interpreted as advice to customers on the purchase or sale of specific financial instruments. Website users shall themselves bear sole responsibility for any investment decisions taken on the basis of information published on the website. Transactions with financial instruments by their very nature involve high risk. Past returns are not a reliable indication of future returns.

The Bank bears no responsibility in any instance for losses which may result from information provided by it, nor for losses which may be traced directly or indirectly to use of the Bank’s website. Furthermore, the Bank bears no responsibility in any instance for losses which may be attributed to inaccessibility of the website for a shorter or longer period.

In order to safeguard the Bank’s systems and its employees, and to prevent fraud and other punishable action, the Bank reserves the right to monitor all Internet-based communication, including traffic on its websites and incoming and outgoing emails. Such monitoring includes, but is not limited to, surveillance related to viruses, punishable activity and use of content that may be unauthorised, illegal or unseemly.

The above also applies to all content the Bank posts to social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo.

Legal disclaimer for Landsbankinn web messaging and Facebook messenger

All communication with Landsbankinn via online messenger is saved by the Bank for security and surveillance purposes, as well as for cyber and data security purposes. Users of Landsbankinn web messengers may request a copy of the conversation.

Landsbankinn web messaging is intended for general requests only and to provide assistance to the Bank’s customers. The Bank’s employees do not divulge personal data, such as passwords or financial information, through web messenger. Users of web messengers are advised never to submit sensitive information via online messenger, i.e. passwords, payment card numbers, bank information or sensitive personal data. Using Landsbankinn’s web messenger to send illegal or unseemly content is not permissible. All misuse of web messenger by users may be considered a criminal offence.

The Bank is not liable for losses incurred as a result of information provided via Landsbankinn web messenger, nor for losses that can be traced directly or indirectly to the use of Landsbankinn web messenger. Furthermore, the Bank bears no responsibility in any instance for losses which may be attributed to inaccessibility of web messenger for a shorter or longer period.

The aforementioned also applies to communications using Facebook messenger.


Landsbankinn holds the copyright to all content, including information and/or documents published to the Bank’s websites, i.e. copy, images, graphics, sound, animations, videos, corporate logos and trademarks. The content is protected under copyright and intellectual property right laws. The Bank’s written consent is required to republished, distribute or copy information from the Bank’s websites. This applies regardless of the nature of the information or the purpose for which it is to be used. Landsbankinn’s customers may, however, save such information and/or documents for their private use.

Legal disclaimer for email content

Information contained in emails or, as the case may be, attachments to emails, sent from Landsbankinn email addresses, may include confidential information and/or information about the private affairs of individuals intended only for the eyes of the registered recipients. The content of emails, their subject matter and, as the case may be, attachments to emails, is the responsibility of the sender if unrelated to the Bank’s activities. Any disclosure, reproduction or distribution of information contained in emails and attachments is not permissible and may constitute a violation of law. Emails erroneously sent to a wrong recipient shall be treated as confidential by the recipient who shall notify the sender of the mistake and delete the email and its attachments without retaining any copies, in accordance with Article 47 of the Electronic Communications Act, No. 81/2003.


Cookies are small text files which your web browser obtains the first time you enter a website. Cookies store information that the website uses, among other things, to improve the user’s experience and to keep track of and analyse the use of the site.

Cookies usually contain the name of the domain from which the cookie originates, its lifespan and value. The lifespan of cookies varies; some, referred to as session cookies, are deleted as soon as the browser is closed while others have a longer lifespan and are called persistent cookies Landsbankinn uses both session and persistent cookies. The value of a cookie is generally a unique, randomly selected number.

Landsbankinn uses cookies to tailor its web to the needs of users, for example, to save user settings, to process statistical information, to analyse traffic on the website, for marketing purposes, and to enhance website functionality. Landsbankinn uses both first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies send information only to Landsbankinn. Third-party cookies arise from services used by Landsbankinn and send information to other websites owned by third parties. The relevant parties may also link information obtained from the Bank's website with other information provided by users, or information which they have collected through the use of their services by users.

No consent is required for the use of necessary cookies, but consent is required for the use of other types of cookies. Users can control the use of cookies in their browser settings. Note, however, that if the use of necessary cookies is completely deactivated this can affect the functionality of the site.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies make use of website characteristics which are needed for the use for which they are intended. Necessary cookies are usually first-party session cookies that are used exclusively by Landsbankinn. These cookies facilitate switching between http and https protocols to ensure the security of data transmitted. These cookies are also used to save your decision on the use of cookies on Landsbankinn's web.

First-party cookies on Landsbankinn's website which require consent

These cookies are not a prerequisite for using Landsbanki's website. Nonetheless, they still play an important role in the use and functionality of the site. Cookies make it easier to use the website, e.g. by auto-filling forms, remembering language settings and assisting Landsbankinn in providing customers with product offers designed especially for them.

Use of third-party cookies on Landsbankinn's website which require consent

Landsbankinn uses cookies belonging to third parties (e.g. Google and Facebook) on the Bank's website. These third parties can place cookies in the browsers of website users and by so doing gather information on visits to the site. The cookies are not a prerequisite for the use of the website but do serve a purpose for the Bank. The Bank uses the services of these third parties in part to analyse use of the site, both with regard to the number of users and how users behave on the website, and also to create marketing materials and ads tailored to specific target groups. Website users can obtain information on how these companies use cookies on their web pages.

Information on Google Analytics

Information on Facebook Pixel

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