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Legal disclaimer for electronic communication with Landsbankinn

Phone conversations, emails and communication using other electronic channels (such as Landsbankinn’s web chat, other communication applications, e.g. Teams or on social media) between you and the Bank are recorded and/or stored for such purposes as to ensure traceability, verify the content of electronic communication and for security and monitoring purposes.

We recommend that you engage in electronic communication with the Bank in private and uninterrupted to prevent unauthorised parties from hearing or seeing the proceedings and obtaining unauthorised access to your information.

Landsbankinn’s web chat is intended only for general queries. Users of the web chat are advised never to submit sensitive information via web chat, i.e. personalised security credentials such as passwords, payment card numbers, bank information or sensitive personal data. Personal financial advice is only provided through secure communication channels, such as remote meetings following authentication that meets the Bank’s requirements.

You are required to maintain enhanced precaution as regards false messages, such as text messages or emails that include links to purported log-in pages for online banking/the app, which you may receive from a third party, for such purposes as gaining access to personalised security credentials and/or defraud you. The Bank’s General Terms and Conditions contain further information about false messages and you are advised to familiarise yourself with them.

Should you receive from the Bank email or information via other electronic communication channels, including financial information, of which you are not the intended recipient or which contains wrongful or insufficient information, you shall observe full confidentiality about the content of such communication. You are legally prohibited from reading, registering, copying or utilising information you receive by coincidence, through error or without special authorisation, whether through email or other electronic communication used by the Bank. If you have received such information through error, notify the Bank without delay. It is prohibited to retain such information and it should be deleted immediately. If the content of email is not related to the Bank’s operation, it is the responsibility of the employee who sent it.

Including illegal or unseemly content in electronic communication is not permissible. Any copying, photographing, screenshots, audio recording or distribution of content or information included in electronic communication or misuse thereof is prohibited and a violation of law. The Bank reserves the right to remove content and/or revoke access to electronic communication channels if your interaction or behaviour infringes on the Bank’s terms and conditions or law.

The Bank is not liable for losses incurred as a result of information provided via the Bank’s electronic communication channels, nor for losses that can be traced directly or indirectly to the use of electronic communication channels, such as web chat or Landsbankinn’s communication applications. Furthermore, the Bank bears no responsibility in any instance for loss which may be attributed to the inaccessibility of electronic communication channels for a shorter or longer period. This also applies to communications through Facebook messages or other social media.

Further information about the Bank’s terms and conditions and the Bank’s processing of personal data is available in the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and, as the case may be, other terms and conditions for specific products or services, e.g. the General Terms and Conditions for Investment Services.

Legal disclaimer for Landsbankinn’s websites and social media content

Information published on Landsbankinn’s websites is based on sources the Bank regards as dependable at each time. The Bank cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of all such information. Furthermore, the information and views presented may change without notice. The Bank does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of third party information that may be published on its website.

Information published on the Bank’s website is general and shall not be interpreted as advice to customers on the purchase or sale of specific financial instruments. Website users shall themselves bear sole responsibility for any investment decisions taken on the basis of information published on the website. Transactions with financial instruments by their very nature involve high risk. Past returns are not a reliable indication of future returns.

The Bank bears no responsibility in any instance for loss which may result from information provided by the Bank, nor for loss which may be traced directly or indirectly to use of the Bank’s website. Furthermore, the Bank bears no responsibility in any instance for loss which may be attributed to inaccessibility of the website or other products or the Bank’s service channels for a shorter or longer period.

In order to safeguard the Bank’s systems and its employees, and to prevent fraud and other punishable action, the Bank reserves the right to monitor all electronic communication, including traffic on its websites and in- and outgoing emails. Such monitoring includes, but is not limited to, surveillance related to viruses, punishable activity and use of content that may be unauthorised, illegal or unseemly.

The above also applies to all content the Bank posts to social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo.


Landsbankinn uses cookies to tailor its website to users’ needs, e.g. to save users’ settings, process statistical information, analyse traffic through the website, for marketing purposes and to support the function of a website as described in more detail in Landsbankinn’s Privacy Policy. Landsbankinn uses both first party and third party cookies. First party cookies are cookies that only send information to Landsbankinn. Third party cookies originate with services Landsbankinn uses and send information to other websites owned by a third party. These parties may connect information sourced from the Bank’s website to other information provided by users or information they have gather about the user’s use of their service.

Landsbankinn uses cookies from third parties (including Google and Facebook) on its website. These third parties may store cookies in the browsers of users of websites to gather information about visits to the website. Cookies are not required to use the website yet are an important tool for the Bank. The Bank uses the services of these third parties for such purposes as analysing use of the website, both as regards visitor numbers and behaviour on the website, and to prepare marketing material and advertisements tailored to specific target groups. Website users can also access information about the use of third party cookies on the websites of the respective parties: 

Information about Google Analytics cookies

Information about Facebook Pixel cookies

Cookie settings - instructions

These links will take you to third party websites. Landsbankinn is not responsible for the information published there.

Legal disclaimer for copyright

Landsbankinn holds the copyright to all content, including information and/or documents published on the Bank’s websites, i.e. copy, images, graphics, sound, animations, videos, corporate logos and the Bank’s trademarks. The content is protected under copyright and intellectual property right laws. The Bank’s written consent is required to republished, distribute or copy information from the Bank’s websites. This applies regardless of the nature of the information or the purpose for which it is to be used. Landsbankinn’s customers may, however, save such information and/or documents for their private use.

Attention is drawn to the fact that video and/or audio recording at the Bank’s service points or other facilities, of the Bank’s employees, facilities or its belongings is completely prohibited without consent from Landsbankinn. Publication or distribution of such content is prohibited and a violation of law.

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