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Landsbankinn‘s funding rests on three pillars: Deposits from customers, borrowings and share capital.

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17 Nov. 2021

Landsbankinn issues green bonds in euros

Yesterday, Landsbankinn concluded a sale of green bonds in the amount of EUR 300 million with maturity in May 2026. The bonds have a fixed coupon of 0.75% and were sold at terms equivalent to 95 basis point spread over mid-swap market rate.
29 Oct. 2021

Landsbankinn utilises authorisation to buy back own shares

Landsbankinn's Board of Directors has decided to exercise an authorisation to purchase the Bank's own shares, which was approved at the Bank's AGM on 24 March this year. The buyback programme allows for the maximum purchase of 57 million shares, or 0.24% of issued shares. Landsbankinn has previously offered shareholders the chance to sell their shares in the Bank, most recently in August 2021. Landsbankinn offers to purchase shares from shareholders during a repurchase period, extending from 1 November 2021 up to and including 15 November 2021. Shareholders interested in accepting the Bank’s offer must complete a notification form and submit it to the Bank. The notification form is available on the Bank’s website. Notifications will be processed throughout the period in the order in which they are received by the Bank until the maximum (of 57 million shares) is reached. If the maximum is reached during the repurchase period no further notifications will be processed. In accordance with the AGM's decision, Landsbankinn offers to purchase each share during the repurchase period at a share price equivalent to the proportion of equity belonging to the Bank's shareholders and the Bank's share capital, according to its most recently published financial statements prior to the commencement of the repurchase period. Based on Landsbankinn's interim results for the first nine months of 2021, the equity held by the Bank's shareholders amounts to ISK 275,343 million and outstanding shares number 23,623 million shares. In accordance with the above, Landsbankinn offers to purchase each share at a price of ISK 11.6558 during the repurchase period. Total shares in the Bank number 24,000 million. The Bank’s shareholders are 869. The National Treasury holds 23,567 million shares, or around 98.2% of issued shares. The Bank holds around 377 million own shares, or around 1.57% of issued shares. Other shareholders than the National Treasury and the Bank hold around 56 million shares, or around 0.23% of issued shares. Further information and instructions for shareholders interested in accepting the Bank’s offer are available on Landsbankinn’s website, Further information is also provided by phone, +354 410 4040, and by email to
28 Oct. 2021

Financial results of Landsbankinn for the first nine months of 2021

Landsbankinn’s profit in the third quarter of 2021 amounted to ISK 7.5 billion. The Bank’s results in the first nine months of 2021 were positive by ISK 21.6 billion.
18 Oct. 2021

S&P confirms unchanged credit rating for Landsbankinn

S&P Global Ratings has today published a report on Landsbankinn’s credit rating where an unchanged long-term credit rating was confirmed at BBB/A-2 with stable outlook.

Financial calendar

This is the scheduled financial calendar of Landsbankinn. The financial calendar may change without notice.

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3 February 2022
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