Security settings

Security settings in the app

You can enhance security in payment card use by deactivating the appropriate options. If a transaction is rejected because of security settings, you’ll be notified in the app.

Physical card
When a physical card is closed, this also suspends ecommerce and ATM use but you’ll still be able to pay with your phone and watch. Automatic payments will continue to be debited.
Non-Icelandic card use
When the option to use the card abroad is suspended, the card will still work in ecommerce transactions.
When the ecommerce option is deactivated, you’ll still be able to pay with your phone and watch.
Contactless payment
Deactivating contactless payments will also deactivate payment using a phone and watch.
Use in ATMs
Closing the card for ATM use prevents all actions in ATMs.
Skjámyndir úr Landsbankaappinu

Let us know

If you suspect that you may have become the victim of fraud, please contact the Bank at the earliest opportunity.

Outside of Landsbankinn’s opening hours, you can call +354 525 2000, which is the emergency number of the issuer of Visa cards.

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Reactivate the card

It’s easy to reactivate a card in the app - simply reverse the deactivation process.

Emergency closure

You can suspend your access to the app and online banking, as well as all your payment cards. This action is available under Settings in the app, right at the bottom of the page. Select Emergency closure.

Closure is effective immediately. Reopening is only possible with our help during opening hours.
Suspends access to the app and online banking for both individuals and corporates.
Suspends all payment cards, both in your own name and your business cards.
Cancels authorisation to use biometrics for authentication purposes on all devices.

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