Debit card


The card for every­day life

You can get a debit card and gain ac­cess to on­line bank­ing and the app in a mat­ter of minutes.

Landsbankinn debit card

Your debit card is issued to your current account. You can link your debit card to a smartphone or other contactless payment method.

Annual fee


No annual fee for 9-24 YO

No transaction fee for 9-18 YO

150 free transactions for 18-24 YO

Your card is always available in the app

All card details are available in the app. There you can monitor the status of your card and incoming payments, freeze you card and copy your card details, e.g. when shopping online. You can also change your card’s withdrawal limit in the app and split credit card bills.

How do I pay by phone or watch?

It’s easy to pay with your phone or watch. Your card’s withdrawal limits and all other functions are the same when you pay by phone/watch as when you pay with the card itself. Benefits such as Aukakrónur and insurance are also the same.

Did you just get a new card?

Before you begin using you card, you must find the PIN in the app or online banking.

Your card number, validity period and CVV code will also be available in the app as soon as your card has been issued. You can then register it securely to Apple Pay or Google Pay and begin using it.

You card is not activated until you use it for the first time.

Contactless payments with the card itself

Contactless payments with the card itself are convenient for amounts of ISK 7,500 or less. Place your card against the POS terminal reader and wait for confirmation.


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Applying for access to online banking and the app, creating an account and getting a debit card is a matter of minutes.


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