Remove registered device

Remove registered device

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove devices that are authorised for log-in with biometrics (face ID or fingerprint). This can happen in cybercrime cases where users are tricked into approving fake devices for log-in purposes.

Note that customers with access to online banking for corporates can only remove registered devices in Landsbankinn’s app, not on the website.

Remove device in Landsbankinn’s app

Removing devices in online banking for individuals

Beware of internet fraud and false messages

The summer months usually see an increase in attempted internet fraud. Scammers may be hoping that people on vacation are more likely to thoughtlessly click on links or fail to read messages carefully.

Be careful of social media fraud

We want to warn our customers against cybercrime activity, especially attempts perpetrated through social media and messaging apps, which have been rampant of late.

Öryggi í netverslun
How to guard against cybercrime

Cybercriminal activity is on the rise. We’ve compiled accessible information on how to recognise cyberfraud and private measures we can take to protect against it.

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