Lands­bankinn makes a dona­tion to Ljón­shjarta in the name of Ex­cep­tion­al Com­pan­ies

31 October 2023 - Landsbankinn

As in previous years, Landsbankinn has made a donation to a good cause in the name of all Exceptional Companies recognised by Creditinfo. This year, the donation of ISK 4 million, goes to Ljónshjarta.

A total of 1,006 companies were recognised as Exceptional Companies in 2023.

Ljónshjarta is an association that provides support for young adults who have lost their spouse, and for their children. Losing your spouse at a young age is one of the worst tragedies life can offer. Grieving while also being a caregiver to children and responsible for a household is hard. It is important to get support and advice relevant to the situation, and to find all information about your rights as well as ways to work through grief for both adults and children in one place. Last but not least, it is helpful for most to get to know others who are in a similar position, experience understanding and support from those who have first-hand knowledge of what the crisis entails.

Ljónshjarta’s goal is to support younger adults who have lost their spouse and to be a forum for people to be there for each other in their grief. The work involves maintaining a website with various informative material, host talks and get-togethers where adults, teenagers and younger children can meet and spend time in each other’s company.


Exceptional Companies 2023

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30 Nov. 2023
Landsbankinn’s Forum - content, information and interesting facts in English
The Forum - Umræðan - Landsbankinn’s content and news site, is now also available in English. We want to contribute to the availability of quality information on finance, pension savings, the economy, cyber security and other current affairs.
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Public offer - Ísfélag hf.
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Open sale process of Landsbankinn’s 35% holding in Keahótel ehf.
Landsbankinn’s shareholding in hotel franchise Keahótel ehf. is now for sale. The sale process will be in accordance with Landsbankinn’s Policy for the Sale of Assets.
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S&P raises Landsbankinn’s covered bond rating to A+
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What do you want to know about finance and banking in Iceland?
Landsbankinn invites to an open information session about savings, pension, mortgages and cybersecurity on Wednesday, 29 November 2023 at 18:00-19:00. The event will be held in the facilities of Íþróttafélagið Leiknir in Breiðholt, Austurberg 1, 111 Reykjavík. The session will be hosted in Polish.
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No interest or indexation accrues to Grindavík housing mortgages for three months
In response to the uncertainty and natural disaster that has befallen Grindavík, Landsbankinn, Arion Bank and Íslandsbanki, working with the Icelandic Financial Services Association (SFF), have concluded an agreement to cancel interest and indexation on housing mortgages held by inhabitants of Grindavík for a period of three months. An agreement to this effect was announced yesterday evening, 22 November.
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Reduced service due to maintenance Wednesday night/Thursday morning
Due to maintenance work certain of Landsbankinn’s services will be unavailable Wednesday night through to Thursday morning, from 1:00 to 4:00 on 23 November.
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Response to the people of Grindavík under consideration
It is hard to imagine the uncertainty the people of Grindavík are currently living with. All of us at Landsbankinn are holding Grindavík in our thoughts. We are proud of our Grindavík branch and thankful for our many long-standing and valued customers in the community, both individuals and companies.

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