Lands­bank­inn changes in­t­erest rates

Fixed interest rates on new non-indexed housing loans increase by 0.15-0.20 percentage points (pp) as of Tuesday, 17 November. Variable interest rates on non-indexed housing loans remain unchanged at 3.5%.
17 November 2020

Since the Central Bank of Iceland embarked on its current rate-cutting programme, Landsbankinn has led lending rate cuts to both individuals and corporates. At the same time, demand for Landsbankinn’s housing loans has increased significantly – the terms offered by the Bank are very competitive. Landsbankinn finances housing loans through, amongst other channels, the issuance of fixed-rate covered bonds on the bond market. The current interest rate changes are primarily a reflection of a significant yield increase on covered bonds since the previous interest rate changes.

Fixed rates on non-indexed 36-month housing loans increase by 0.15 percentage points (pp) and fixed rates on non-indexed 60-month housing loans by 0.20 pp. Interest on 36-month vehicle and equipment financing loans increase by 0.15 pp. Other lending rates remain unchanged.

Fixed deposit rates for 36 months increase by 0.15 pp and fixed deposit rates for 60 months by 0.20 pp. Changes will also be made to deposit rates on FX accounts in BGP, CAD and NOK.

Interest rates

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Íslenskir peningaseðlar
12 April 2021

ISK appreciated in March

At the end of March, the EUR/ISK stood at 148.2, compared to 152.9 at the end of February, and the exchange rate index decreased (the króna strengthened) by 1.8%. The CBI will reduce its regular currency sales as of the beginning of April.
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12 April 2021

Icelandic Economic Weekly: 12 April 2021

The Minister of Health issued amended rules at the borders on testing and quarantine.
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6 April 2021

Icelandic Economic Weekly: 6 April 2021

The Minister of Health issued amended rules at the borders on testing and quarantine.
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29 March 2021

Icelandic Economic Weekly: 29 March 2021

Last week the MPC held policy rates unchanged, in line with our expectations. The CPI increased by 0.49% between months bringing the year on year change to 4.3%.
24 March 2021

We find solutions over the phone or online

Landsbankinn’s services will change as of 25 March to reflect tighter restrictions on gatherings enacted to slow the spread of Covid-19. We encourage customers to use Landsbankinn’s app, online banking and ATMs as much as possible. A great deal of banking business can be tended to through these channels, simply and quickly.
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22 March 2021

Icelandic Economic Weekly: 22 March 2021

We expect the MPC to hold policy rates unchanged on Wednesday. On Thursday, Statistics Iceland will release CPI numbers for March.
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15 March 2021

Icelandic Economic Weekly: 15 March 2021

Last week the Icelandic Tourist Board published departures from Keflavík International Airport and Icelandair published traffic data.
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8 March 2021

Icelandic Economic Weekly: 8 March 2021

The current account surplus was ISK 22.1bn in Q4 2020.
4 March 2021

ISK appreciated in February

At the end of February, the EUR/ISK stood at 152.9, compared to 156.1 at the end of January, appreciating during the month. Both turnover and fluctuation was similar as in January. The CBI continued its regular programme of currency sales.
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1 March 2021

Icelandic Economic Weekly: 1 March 2021

The Icelandic economy contracted by 6.6% between years in 2020.

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