Open for ap­plic­a­tions for sup­port loans and sup­ple­ment­ary loans

We are now open for applications for support loans and supplementary loans for companies. More detailed information regarding resources for companies who suffer the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic can be found on the bank's website.
22 July 2020

Companies who do business with Landsbankinn are offered various resources to address effects which they may suffer due to Covid-19. We encourage our customers anticipating budgetary difficulties to contact the bank as soon as possible to find solutions and get consultation that is appropriate to their needs.

Support loans

Support loans are suitable for smaller and medium-sized companies that have suffered a great reduction in income due to the pandemic. The amount of support loans can be equivalent to up to 10% of revenues in the business year of 2019. The state guarantees support loans of up to ISK 10 million and 85% of the amount in excess of ISK 10 million, to a maximum of ISK 40 million.

Supplementary loans

Supplementary loans are intended for companies that have suffered significant loss of income due to the epidemic. They are most suitable for average and large companies, and can be for an amount of up to ISK 1,200 million. The state will guarantee up to 70% of the loan.

Subsidies for companies that have to close

Companies that are required to close for business due to the ban on public gathering can apply for a subsidy from the state.

Temporary deferral of payment

Companies can apply for a deferral of payments on loans for up to six months from the bank with which they do most of their business. However, deferral of payment can last for no longer than until the end of the year 2020.

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5 April 2024
Norwegian, Swedish and Danish bank notes
The use of bank notes in Europe is decreasing and especially in the Nordic countries. Increased digitalisation in commerce and trade and the pandemic have accelerated that development. Measures against money laundering have restricted foreign currency trading in cash severely and rules and legislation to prevent money laundering have been tightened, most notably in the Nordics.
Stúlka með síma
27 March 2024
Easter service - the app can come in handy!
Landsbankinn's branches and customer service centre will be closed during Easter and will open again on Tuesday 2 April.
15 March 2024
Landsbankinn lowers interest rates
Landsbankinn lowers interest rates on new, non-indexed housing mortgages with fixed rates.
15 March 2024
Reduced service due to maintenance Saturday night
Due to maintenance work at the Icelandic Banks' Data Centre (RB), certain of Landsbankinn’s services will be unavailable Saturday night through to Sunday morning, 16-17 March. Service disruptions are expected to last from around midnight on Saturday 16 March through to 7:00 on Sunday morning, 17 March.
Stúlkur með síma
12 March 2024
Landsbankinn’s app nominated as app of the year
Landsbankinn’s app has been nominates in the category “App of the Year 2023” at the Icelandic Web Awards, which take place on 15 March.
7 March 2024
Refinancing easier than ever
You can now refinance your housing mortgage even more easily on our web or through Landsbankinn’s app. Refinancing of housing mortgages has never been quicker or more convenient.
4 March 2024
Outphasing of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish bills
Landsbankinn will cease buying and selling cash in three Nordic currencies in the near future. These currencies are Norwegian, Swedish and Danish krona. 
Fjármálamót á pólsku
4 March 2024
Thanks for attending in Reykjanesbær!
Landsbankinn’s second Financial Forum in Polish was extremely well attended. The Financial Forums are a series of educational events held by Landsbankinn and last week’s event in Reykjanesbær was co-hosted by the Keflavík and Environs Labour and Seaman Union.
28 Feb. 2024
Unchanged interest terms on new mortgages for Grindavík home owners
Landsbankinn offers the people of Grindavík who hold fixed-rate housing mortgages with the Bank and who decide to sell their housing to the State, the option to keep the terms of the old mortgage on the purchase of new homes.
28 Feb. 2024
Improved chat function on
The chat function on Landsbankinn’s website has now become even better with the addition of a new chatbot that responds to simple yet varied queries about banking and finance and can help customers in the use of self-service solutions.

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