Lands­bank­inn sup­ports fif­teen ex­cep­tion­al stu­dents

Landsbankinn awarded fifteen students scholarships from the Bank’s Community Fund on 5 June. Scholarships were thus awarded for the 30th time. In total, the scholarships amounted to ISK 6 million, the largest such allocation made by any bank in Iceland. Just over 300 applications were received this year.
7 June 2019

Landsbankinn awarded fifteen students scholarships from the Bank’s Community Fund on 5 June. Scholarships were thus awarded for the 30th time. In total, the scholarships amounted to ISK 6 million, the largest such allocation made by any bank in Iceland. Just over 300 applications were received this year.

Scholarships are awarded in five categories: to secondary school students, for vocational studies and apprenticeships, to university students, post-graduate students and for artistic study. Landsbankinn is the only bank to dedicate special scholarships to artistic studies.

The panel of judges sought to select exceptional students possessed of ambition and an interesting future vision, likely, in the opinion of the panel, to enrich the fabric of Icelandic society in the long term. Other factors taken into consideration included research and written articles, voluntary service, accomplishments in sports and participation in social activities.

Landsbankinn supports fifteen exceptional students

Scholarship recipients 2019

Grants for secondary school study - ISK 200,000 each

  • Alexandra Rós Norðkvist – Menntaskóli í tónlist
  • Bjarki Daníel Þórarinsson – Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík
  • Daniel Thor Myer – Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík

Grants for vocational studies and apprenticeships - ISK 400,000 each

  • Axel Orri Sigurðsson – aircraft maintenance mechanics at Tækniskólinn
  • Elínborg Erla Ásgeirsdóttir– horticulture at the Agricultural University of Iceland
  • Ólöf Ásta Arnþórsdóttir – professional pilot programme at Keilir Aviation Academy

Grants for university study, ISK 400,000 each

  • Guðlaug Björt Júlíusdóttir – engineering and technology at Florida Institute of Technology
  • Ingvar Þóroddsson – electrical and computer engineering at the University of Iceland
  • Sigríður Kolbrún Kristinsdóttir – international tourism at Griffith University

Grants for university study at postgraduate level, ISK 500,000 each

  • Dagur Tómas Ásgeirsson – master’s studies in mathematics at the University of Oxford
  • Freyja Björk Dagbjartsdóttir– doctoral studies in electrochemical engineering at the University of Cambridge
  • Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson – master’s study in pedagogy at Stanford University

Grants for artistic studies, ISK 500,000 each

  • Edda Steingrímsdóttir – master’s study in architecture at Harvard University
  • Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir – doctoral studies in composition at City, University of London
  • Maksymilian Haraldur Frach – master’s study (violin) at the Academy of Music in Kraków.

The panel of judges was comprised of: Runólfur Smári Steinþórsson, Professor at the University of Iceland, Jakobína H. Árnadóttir, Human Resources Consultant at Capacent, Guðrún Norðfjörð, Marketing Director at Forlagið and Baldur G. Jónsson, Director of Human Resources at Landsbankinn.

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Even easier to start using Landsbankinn’s app
Signing up for Landsbankinn’s app has never been easier – now everyone can try the app without any commitment. This step opens access to Landsbankinn’s services even further.
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Corporate Finance advises the Ministry of Finance on the sale of the State’s shareholding in Íslandsbanki
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs has retained Landsbankinn Corporate Finance as independent financial advisor for the management and supervision of the public offering or offerings of the State’s remaining shareholding in Íslandsbanki hf.
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4 July 2024
Björn Auðunn Ólafsson hired to Landsbankinn
Björn Auðunn Ólafsson is the newest addition to Landsbankinn Corporate Finance and has already joined the team.
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More information in Polish on
We have now launched a Polish version of our website, in addition to Icelandic and English. The Polish site contains information about our app, payment cards, currency exchange rates, supplementary pension savings, electronic ID, the Auðkenni app and more.
2 July 2024
Even tighter security in Landsbankinn’s app
We have now added settings to Landsbankinn’s app that further enhance security in card transactions and banking. These settings allow you to easily deactivate certain payment card functions in the app and to reactivate them just as easily at your convenience. If necessary, you can activate emergency closure that suspends the function of all of your cards and shuts down access to the app and online banking.
14 June 2024
The Auðkenni app can be used to log in
Landsbankinn’s customers can use the Auðkenni app to log in and to authenticate in online banking and the app. Before long, it will also be possible to use the Auðkenni app for valid electronic signatures. This is particularly useful where there is an Internet connection but no phone connection, and for those who have non-Icelandic phone numbers.
12 June 2024
Amaroq Minerals Capital Markets Day
Amaroq Minerals Capital Markets Day will be hosted in Landsbankinn‘s headquarters at Reykjastræti 6, Thursday, June 13th, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Icelandic time, GMT. The doors open at 1:30 pm and light refreshments will be served after the meeting.
10 June 2024
Warning against phishing attempts
We warn against emails that are currently being sent, ostensibly in Landsbankinn’s name. The email states that the recipient’s bank account with Landsbankinn has been closed and asks people to click on a link to log in. This is an attempt to get people to enter their login information on a fraudulent site.
Námsstyrkir 2024
4 June 2024
Landsbankinn awards scholarship in the amount of ISK 8 million
Landsbankinn awarded sixteen students with scholarships from the Bank’s Community Fund on 31 May. This was the Bank’s 35th allocation of scholarships which this year amounted to ISK 8 million in total. Over 400 applications were received this year.

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