Sustainable financing

Sustainable Finance Framework

The Bank’s Sustainable Finance Framework provides for its funding of green and social projects.

Promotes sustainability

The Framework has been reviewed by international rating agency Sustainalytics, a leader in the field of ESG ratings. It sets out a clear criteria for the definition of sustainable projects and ensures transparency.

The Framework is based on ICMA’s guidelines and the EU’s recent taxonomy for sustainable financing, which is expected to become the standard in sustainable finance. The Framework was developed by an interdisciplinary group of the Bank’s experts.

The Sustainable Finance Framework broadens our scope for financing sustainable projects.

More about our sustainability journey

In 2020, we received good reviews in ESG risk ratings by Sustainalytics and Reitun. An ESG risk rating considers corporate responsibility and sustainability in our operation; more precisely, environmental, social and governance factors. These results testify to our sincere efforts in this field over the course of several years.

We participated in the development of PCAF’s carbon accounting method for financial undertakings that launched in 2020.

We are actively working towards four of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Principles for Responsible Banking from UNEP-FI.

We have taken on extensive obligations under the UN Global Compact, UN PRI, and recently signed the Declaration of Intent on Funds for the Maintenance of Sustainable Development, to name a few of the initiatives we participate in.

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