Re­duced ser­vice in on­line bank­ing and branches 18-20 Novem­ber

Due to the deployment of a new computer system on 20 November, Landsbankinn's online banking service will be reduced on the weekend of 18 and 19 November. Online banking and branch services will also be reduced for the better part of Monday, 20 November.
8 November 2017

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Due to the deployment of a new computer system on 20 November, Landsbankinn's online banking service will be reduced on the weekend of 18 and 19 November. Online banking and branch services will also be reduced for the better part of Monday, 20 November.

During these days, it will be possible to transfer funds in online banking yet transferred amounts will not appear on statements and access to them will be limited. Debit and credit cards will function as usual with the exception that temporary disruptions might occur to debit card functions on Sunday, 19 November.

We recommend that customers who need to complete important banking business before Monday 20 November tend to such business before the weekend of 18-19 November to avoid any inconvenience.

The service disruption is described in more detail below.

Important renewal of old systems

Renewal of the deposit and payment systems of the Icelandic Banks' Data Centre (RB) and Landsbankinn is one of the most extensive software projects undertaken by RB and the Bank. The new system replaces many older systems, the oldest of which is 40 years old. Replacing these older systems will be a new software solution from Sopra Banking Software. The new system simplifies and updates the Bank's technological infrastructure. It is more economical and adaptable than older systems. The Sopra system opens the way to increased integration of software solutions in the financial system.

During the deployment process, the Bank must reduce service in both individual and corporate online banking and branches during the weekend of 18-19 November, as well as on Monday, 20 November. Landsbankinn regrets the inconvenience such reduced service causes. It is necessary in order to deploy the new computer system as effectively as possible.

More about the service disruption in online banking 18-20 November

  • It will be possible to transfer funds between accounts in Landsbankinn online banking and from the online banking platforms of other banks/savings banks but account statements in online banking will not be updated. As account statements are not updated, it will not be possible to transfer amounts deposited over the weekend to other accounts or withdraw such funds in ATMs. Customers can use funds transferred to their accounts by making payment with debit cards.
  • While it will be possible to make pre-payments to credit cards, such funds will not raise the disposable balance until 20 November.
  • It will not be possible to create, change or delete invoices in online banking.
  • Information about unpaid invoices will not be updated, i.e. if an invoice is paid, online banking will not show it as paid until late on Monday, 20 November. It will nonetheless be possible to pay invoices.
  • It will not be possible to create, change or cancel overdraft authorisations.
  • It will not be possible to create, change or delete direct debit agreements.
  • It will not be possible to order withdrawals from Vaxtareikningur 30 accounts.
  • Netting service in corporate online will not function.
  • Branch services and the Customer Service Centre will be similarly limited until late on Monday, 20 November.

Temporary disruptions and limited service on Sunday 19 November

  • Temporary disruptions to debit card functions might occur.
  • Credit cards, Aukakrónur cards, corporate cash cards, petrol and gift cards will function as normal.
  • ATM functions may be disrupted.
  • Mobile banking, online banking for individuals and corporates and B2B services will be inaccessible for 2-4 hours.

Customer Service Centre open on the weekend 18-19 November

Assistance and further information will be provided through the Bank's Customer Service Centre, tel. +354 410 4000, or via email to

The Customer Service Centre will be open from 11:00-18.00:00 on the weekend 19-18 November and from 09:00-21:00 on Monday 20 November and Tuesday 21 November.

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