12. febrúar 2009 17:07

Electronic certificates and B2Bws

The B2Bws schema is designed against a standard negotiated by Icelandic commercial and savings banks in 2007. Listed below are several issues that must be kept in mind when programming clients to comply with Landsbanki's B2Bws web service. For more details, see pages 8-10 of the TB2Bws Technical Manual.

  1. Security: System design is based on Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0. If the client is created in a Microsoft .net environment it is necessary to install a WSE 3.0 add-on for Visual Studio (VS) 2005. If the client is to be created in VS 2008, it may be necessary to create a project in VS 2005, open WSE 3.0 and save it as a VS 2008 project. Other solutions may exist.

  2. UserNameToken: All SOAP messages from clients must include a UserNameToken containing login identification. See p. 10 of the B2Bws Technical Manual.

  3. Signatures: An electronic signature is attached to all in and outbound SOAP messages from the bank. The client is required to sign the messages using an electronic certificate it obtains from Auðkenni. It then receives an answer from the bank, signed with the bank's certificate. To validate that signature, the client requires the installation of a public edition of the bank's electronic certificate on the computer.

  4. Test environment: Upon trying a new version of the client in the bank's systems for the first time, we recommend that the user do so in a test environment rather than the real environment. The following links lead to the services in test environments:
    Landsbankinn signs the test environment answers with a test certificate:

    Public edition of the certificate Download example
  5. Example:

    SOAP message to client SOAP message from client


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Breyting á dráttarvaxtareglum

Miðvikudaginn 25. mars verður gerð breyting á dráttarvaxtareglum og samhliða verður þeim fækkað úr tólf í sjö.