04. nóvember 2008 13:47

New Edition of English B2B Technical Manual

A new English translation of the B2B Technical Manual was published this morning. It replaces the 2006 English edition and reflects the contents of the Icelandic version published last July. As before, please reply to this e-mail to receive a printed copy with spiral binding via mail, free of charge.

In the future, all updates to the Manual will be published simultaneously in English and Icelandic.

B2B Technical Manual

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B2B - 24. mars 2020 10:48

Breyting á dráttarvaxtareglum

Miðvikudaginn 25. mars verður gerð breyting á dráttarvaxtareglum og samhliða verður þeim fækkað úr tólf í sjö.