Landsbankinn's funding rests on three main pillars: Deposits from customers, market funding and equity. The Bank’s credit rating, issued by S&P Global Ratings, is BBB/A-2 with positive outlook.

Deposits from customers
The largest part of Landsbankinn's funding is in the form of customer deposits which amounted to ISK 1.049 billion at year-end 2023, mostly non-indexed and on demand. Inflation-indexed deposits amounted to ISK 180 billion at year-end 2023.
Market funding
The Bank has listed an Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme for the issue of covered bonds, bonds and bills on international markets. See more the below.
Landsbankinn's equity amounted to ISK 304 billion at year-end 2023 and its capital ratio was 23.6%.

Market funding

Landsbankinn is a regular issuer on both domestic and international bond markets. EMTN issuance and covered bonds form the largest part of the Bank’s borrowing.

EMTN issuance

Landsbankinn has listed an Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme in the amount of EUR 2 billion. The Bank first issuance under the EMTN programme was in 2015 and issuance has been regular since.

Covered bonds

Landsbankinn issues covered bonds under a covered bonds issuance framework in the total amount of EUR 2,500 million. Initial issuance of covered bonds was in 2013, with regular issuance since.

Bonds and bills

Issuance of bonds and bills in the domestic market takes place under the Bank’s framework for bonds and bills in the amount of ISK 50 billion.

Sustainable finance framework

Initial issuance under the framework was in 2021.


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