Stay alert on­line - fraud­sters abound

15 December 2022 - Landsbankinn

We can’t overemphasise the importance of being careful when shopping and authorising payments online. It’s just as important to not react impulsively to messages received through various digital channels, such as by responding to information in text messages.

In the past few days and weeks, we’ve registered several instances of cyberfraud of various shapes and sizes. Fraud based on the shipment of goods and products to Iceland are common at this time of year and the would-be criminals try various tactics.

  • Our customer received a DM through Messenger from a Facebook friend, requesting his phone number. He then got another DM from the friend, an offer to participate in a Facebook game that required him to send a code texted to his phone. The “friend” was in fact a fraudster who had hacked into and taken over the real friend’s Messenger account. The code texted to his phone was a security code for logging in to online banking with electronic ID. Since the fraudster had gained access to both the customer’s phone number and the code for his electronic ID, he could access online banking.
  • Another customer responded to an ad for cryptocurrency on social media. She was then contacted by a fraudster through WhatsApp. The customer let the fraudster access her computer using Anydesk and the fraudster used the access to make an international transfer from the customer’s account to the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase. Her credit card was also used to transfer funds to Coinbase.
  • One of our colleagues here at the Bank received an email from a customer with an order to execute a high cross-border transfer in euros. The employee followed the Bank’s procedures and contacted the customer. It transpired that the customer’s email account had been hacked and that this was an attempt to defraud the customer of funds.
  • There have been several cases of customers opening a link texted to their phones, purporting to contain payment information for a shipment received. The messages were designed to look like they came from shipping companies but were in fact fraud attempts. Customers were asked to enter their credit card information and to confirm payment by entering a security code.
  • We were able to intercept two international transfers from customer accounts to overseas cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Both were attempts at investor fraud.
  • Our customer received a call from an “international lawyer” who offered her assistance to invest in cryptocurrency. The customer allowed the fraudster to access his computer and she then transferred funds to a domestic cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our customer became suspicious a short while later and contacted us. Due to the customer’s quick response, and equally prompt action on our end and by the exchange platform, the funds were recovered.

It’s important to stay informed in order to know the pitfalls. Please spread the word to friends and family!

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No interest or indexation accrues to Grindavík housing mortgages for three months
In response to the uncertainty and natural disaster that has befallen Grindavík, Landsbankinn, Arion Bank and Íslandsbanki, working with the Icelandic Financial Services Association (SFF), have concluded an agreement to cancel interest and indexation on housing mortgages held by inhabitants of Grindavík for a period of three months. An agreement to this effect was announced yesterday evening, 22 November.
22 Nov. 2023
Reduced service due to maintenance Wednesday night/Thursday morning
Due to maintenance work certain of Landsbankinn’s services will be unavailable Wednesday night through to Thursday morning, from 1:00 to 4:00 on 23 November.
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Response to the people of Grindavík under consideration
It is hard to imagine the uncertainty the people of Grindavík are currently living with. All of us at Landsbankinn are holding Grindavík in our thoughts. We are proud of our Grindavík branch and thankful for our many long-standing and valued customers in the community, both individuals and companies.
17 Nov. 2023
Reduced service due to maintenance Saturday night/Sunday morning
Due to maintenance work certain of Landsbankinn’s services will be unavailable Saturday night through to Sunday morning, from 2:00 to 9:00 on 19 November.
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Safe-deposit boxes moved from Grindavík to Mjóddin branch
The safe-deposit boxes that were located in Landsbankinn’s Grindavík branch were moved to the Mjóddin branch yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 15 November. There were around 150 safe-deposit boxes in Grindavík. The boxes will be accessible to customers as of tomorrow, Friday 17 November.
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Information about banking services for the people of Grindavík
While our branch in Grindavík remains closed, we welcome all the people of Grindavík at any of our other branches. It’s easy to book an appointment on and choose between a phone consultation, remote meeting or visit to any of our branches. Landsbankinn is present around the country. Current events could lead to loss of income for many people and the impact on local businesses is also considerable. We offer various solutions, both for individuals and companies. If you need assistance to use the Bank’s services or want to review your financial situation, we encourage you to get in touch. Easy to defer mortgage payments Many of our customers in Grindavík have housing mortgages and they will all have the option to defer payments (postpone instalments). Please contact us if you wish to do so. You can book an appointment on or email us at Mortgage payments can be deferred for up to six months. It’s quick and easy to apply and no fees will be charged to our Grindavík customers in this case. Safety-deposit boxes in Grindavík have been removed and are accessible in our branch in Mjódd, Reykjavík. The Bank’s employees in Grindavík have, just like other inhabitants, been relocated to other towns and will continue their work for the Bank, in other branches or through remote work, depending on the situation. We are monitoring developments closely and will post further information here on our website. First published 13 November 2023, most recently updated on 16 November 2023.

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