In­vest­ment comp­any Kald­bak­ur purchases the Lands­bank­inn build­ing in Ak­ur­eyri

4 November 2022 - Landsbankinn

Landsbankinn has accepted the offer of Akureyri-based investment company Kaldbakur for its building, commonly known as Landsbankahúsið, at Ráðhústorgið in Akureyri. Seven offers were received and Kaldbakur made the highest bid. The purchase price is ISK 685 million. Landsbankinn will operate out of the building until it relocates.

The Landsbankinn building is around 2300 m2 and one of the landmarks of the square. Guðjón Samúelsson created the initial proposal drawings for the building, with Bárður Ísleifsson continuing the work and making all additional drawings after the former’s death. Bárður also created drawings for a possible addition to the east side of building, that was never erected.

Eiríkur S. Jóhannsson, CEO of investment company Kaldbakur:

“The Landsbankinn building is located at the heart of Akureyri and historically played an important role. Kaldbakur wants to contribute to the preservation of the building and rejuvenate it for the future. We are well aware that the original drawings are for a larger and taller building. We will take this into consideration moving forward to ensure effective utilisation of the building in a manner that preserves its landmark status. We are convinced that Akureyri will grow and develop in the coming years as a centre of habitation, culture and activity in North Iceland and as one of the main urban areas outside of the capital city region. Purchase of Landsbankahúsið affords Kaldbakur a welcome chance to participate in the development of the centre and contribute to the importance of Akureyri. That makes this a good investment, which is the main reason for the purchase.”

Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn:

“Landsbankahúsið in Akureyri is a true landmark and it has stood us in good stead. The Akureyri branch is one of the Bank’s core centres of operation, with 39 employees currently stationed there. Most of the team works in the branch itself but there is also a large customer service centre that responds to customers from the entire country, as well as three employees of the IT division, who work remotely from Akureyri. The fact is that despite such robust activity, the building has been too large for our operation for quite some time. We are positive towards the plans of the new owners for rejuvenating the building and the possibilities certainly abound. While we will continue to operate out of the building for some time, we are already looking for new premises where we will continue to offer our customers in Akureyri and the surrounding countryside with excellent service.”

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30 Nov. 2022

Key information about pension savings

In Iceland, all wage earners aged 16 to 70 are obligated to pay a percentage of their wages toward mandatory pension savings.
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Aukakrónur now on your phone

You can now use your phone to pay with Aukakrónur! Simply add your Aukakrónur card to Google Wallet or Apple Wallet through Landsbankinn’s app and select Aukakrónur when you pay for goods and services with one of our 200 partners throughout Iceland.
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Viggó Ásgeirsson to Landsbankinn

Viggó Ásgeirsson, Managing Director and one of the founders of Meniga, has been hired as Head of Business Development in Landsbankinn’s Personal Banking division.
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Landsbankinn Corporate Finance to manage listing of Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon has engaged Landsbankinn Corporate Finance and Fossar Investment Bank to advise on the process for the company’s listing on Nasdaq Iceland. The company is aiming go public next year subject to market conditions.
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Guðrún and Hildur new department heads at Landsbankinn

Guðrún S. Ólafsdóttir and Hildur Sveinsdóttir have accepted new positions as department heads in Landsbankinn’s Personal Banking division. Both women possess a great deal of experience of work in financial markets.
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Changes to fixed rates on new housing mortgages

Fixed rates on new non-indexed 36-month housing mortgages increase by 0.15 percentage points (pp) and fixed rates on new non-indexed 60-month housing mortgages by 0.25 pp. Fixed rates on new 60-month inflation-indexed housing mortgages increase by 0.20 pp. The changes enter into effect as at 10 November 2022.
4 Nov. 2022

Landsbankinn makes a donation to Bergið headspace in the name of Exceptional Companies

As in previous years, Landsbankinn has made a donation to a good cause in the name of all Exceptional Companies recognised by Creditinfo. This year, the donation of ISK 4 million, went to Bergið headspace.
28 Oct. 2022

Changes to the login process for online banking and the app

Please note that it is no longer possible to log in to online banking and the app with a username and password. This change entered into effect on 10 October. The aim of the change is to enhance security in the login process.
26 Oct. 2022

Three new music videos on Landsbankinn’s Iceland Airwaves site

We’re excited to premier three new music videos on our Iceland Airwaves site today. Since 2014, we have produced 38 music videos in collaboration with Icelandic musicians playing Iceland Airwaves. All in all, these videos have had 3.3 million views.
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19 Oct. 2022

Robust economic growth - purchasing power lags behind

Landsbankinn Economic Research forecasts 6.5% economic growth this year, record growth since 2007, only for considerable cooling to follow. Per the forecast, the policy rate will enter a rate-cutting cycle in the latter part of 2023 while inflation remains about 4% until 2025. Purchasing power looks set to contract by 0.4% this year but to pick up to the tune of 0.5% next year - a much slower increase than in recent year.

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