Success­ful semin­ar on corporate cy­ber secu­rity

13 October 2022 - Landsbankinn

Over 120 guests attended a seminar on corporate cyber security we hosted on Wednesday, 12 October. Attendance was both physical and over a live stream from the event.

At the seminar, Arinbjörn Ólafsson, Managing Director of Landsbankinn’s IT division, spoke of the Bank’s focus on cyber security. He told attendees that too often, discussion and coverage about cyber security was limited to technical personnel. Cyber security is by no means their private concern; it concerns all employees. Landsbankinn bases its cyber security on three pillars: capable and highly trained employees, clear cyber security policies and technical defences.

Dóra Gunnarsdóttir, Account Manager in Landsbankinn Corporate Banking.

Arinbjörn Ólafsson, Managing Director of IT at Landsbankinn.

Case stories and practical advice

Hákon L. Aakerlund, Team Manager in Security, and Ægir Þórðarson, Head of IT Operations at the Bank, addressed practical defences for businesses, presented case stories and gave some practical advice. Landsbankinn, like many other Icelandic companies, has been targeted by cyber criminals who spoof the Bank’s brand, setting up fake websites or creating games on social media sites to entice people to divulge their card information or “invest” in cryptocurrency or equities. They discussed brand protection on social media, the steps necessary to take down fake sites, etc. They also spoke about email scams and said that this year alone, the Bank’s defence systems have intercepted around 24 million emails containing viruses, spam or similar. They described attempts to install malware with Log4j and Orion Solarwinds, went over the Bank’s responses and lessons learned.

Dóra Gunnarsdóttir, Account Manager in Landsbankinn Corporate Banking, chaired the meeting held at Grand Hótel Reykjavík.

Hákon L. Aakerlund and Ægir Þórðarson, cyber security experts.

Around 120 guests attended the seminar, some physically, others over a live stream.

October is cyber security month

We are extremely serious about cyber security at Landsbankinn. The aim of this seminar was to promote discussion about cyber security and share our experience of the relevant issues.

October is dedicated to cyber security. earlier this month, we hosted an information session in collaboration with the Senoir Citizens' Society of Reykjavík and Environs.

We’ve posted a great deal of accessible information on cybersecurity to our website (in Icelandic).

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Three new music videos on Landsbankinn’s Iceland Airwaves site

We’re excited to premier three new music videos on our Iceland Airwaves site today. Since 2014, we have produced 38 music videos in collaboration with Icelandic musicians playing Iceland Airwaves. All in all, these videos have had 3.3 million views.

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