Allocati­ons from the Pri­de Para­de Fund of Reykja­vík Pri­de and Lands­bank­inn

29 July 2022 - Landsbankinn

Twelve associations and events received allocations from the Pride Parade Fund of Reykjavík Pride and Landsbankinn for the 2022 Pride Parade. Reykjavík Pride begins on Tuesday the 2nd of August, and the main event is the Pride Parade on Saturday, August 6th.

Each year, under normal circumstances, an allocation to the amount of ISK 1,500,000 has been made from the Fund, but due to the pandemic the Fund was not disposed of to the full extent in 2020 nor in 2021. Still, part of the Fund was allocated, among other things because associations and organizers of events had already paid for costs out of their own pocket, and then it turned out that no Parade was held in these years. In some cases, equipment that was purchased for the money allocated is still available for use, and will be used in the Parade this year. This year, the entire disposable amount plus what remained from the previous two years was allocated, and consequently it was possible to fund more events and on a greater scale than usually.

The following associations and events received support from the Pride Parade Fund in 2022:

  • Ásar á Íslandi – ISK 65,000.
  • Bangsafélagið – ISK 200,000.
  • BDSM á Íslandi – ISK 150,000.
  • Hinsegin félagsmiðstöð – ISK 500,000.
  • Hinsegin Félak – ISK 150,000.
  • Hinsegin kórinn – ISK 350,000.
  • Hópur tví- og pankynhneigðra – ISK 65,000.
  • A moment of remembrance – Iceland’s drag queen - ISK 450,000.
  • Minority Voice Iceland (MVI) – ISK 350,000.
  • Pilkington Props – ISK 400,000.
  • Trans Ísland – ISK 20,000.
  • Æði vagninn – ISK 350,000.

The Pride Parade Fund is a cooperative project between Landsbankinn and Reykjavík Pride, and the bank has been a proud sponsor of Reykjavík Pride since the festival was held for the first time. It was announced in June that applications could be submitted, and beneficiaries were selected by a committee that consisted of Andrean Sigurgeirsson, Anna Eir Guðfinnudóttir, Leifur Örn Gunnarsson, Sigurður Starr Guðjónson and Viima Lampinen.

We congratulate those who were selected and look forward to the events that will be part of the Pride Parade!

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