TVÍK won Gul­leg­gið in­nov­a­tion com­pet­i­tion 2022

8 February 2022 - Landsbankinn

The business idea TVÍK won the innovation competition of Icelandic Startups, Gulleggið 2022. TVÍK, or the technologically venturesome Icelandic coach, is an interactive teaching tool that uses cutting-edge language technology to teach Icelandic to beginners. Atli Jasonarson, Gamithra Marga and Safa Jemai are the team behind TVÍK.

Second place went to SEIFER, a project that is designing and developing sports equipment and a database for real-team measurement and gathering of data about head trauma. The data gathering function of the equipment can be used to improve the recovery process and response plans for sports-related concussion injuries. The SEIFER team is comprised of Guðrún Inga Marinósdóttir, Davíð Andersson and Bjarki Snorrason.

The Lilja app took third place, an app designed to provide assistance and improve the legal and social standing of abuse victims. Ingunn Henriksen and Árdís Rut Einarsdóttir are the team behind the app.

Vetur Production won the popular vote on the Gulleggið website. The innovators behind that idea are Hanna Dís Hallgrímsdóttir, Ingibjörg Hrefna Pétursdóttir, Máney Eva Einarsdóttir, Sandra Ósk Júníusdóttir and Stella Björk Guðmundsdóttir.

To read more about the winning ideas and 10 best submissions to the competition, go to Gulleggið’s website.

About Gulleggið innovation competition

Icelandic Startups hosts the annual Gulleggið competition as a platform for innovators in all fields to develop and launch their ideas. Around 150 ideas were submitted to the competition this year and the participants have attended a course and received training in shaping their business ideas over the past few months.

Gulleggið was initially held in 2008 and many businesses took their first steps in the competition, including Controlant, Clara, Karolina Fund, Pay Analytics, Genki, Videntifier, Solid Clouds and others. Landsbankinn has been a key supporter of Gulleggið from the beginning.

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