Three new mana­gers at Lands­bank­inn

21 December 2021

Landsbankinn has hired three new managers in Risk Management, Asset Management & Capital Markets and the Marketing department.

Head of Business Solutions under Asset Management & Capital Markets

Guðlaug Arnþrúður Guðmundsdóttir

Guðlaug Arnþrúður Guðmundsdóttir (Adda) is the new Head of Business Solutions under Asset Management & Capital Markets. Adda has worked at the Bank since 2011, most recently as a specialist in the Business Solutions department in Personal Banking and before that as a specialist in operational risk. She has considerable experience of the development and operation of the Bank’s services and has led large projects for Landsbankinn, such as the implementation of Apple Pay and Save in App.

Adda holds a B.Sc. in financial engineering from Reykjavík University and is completing certification as a licensed securities broker from the same institution.

Head of Market Risk

Guðrún Anny Hálfdánardóttir

Guðrún Anny Hálfdánardóttir has taken up the position of Head of Market Risk within the Bank’s Risk Management division. Guðrún has worked at the Bank since 2007 and was previously at Kaupthing from 2005. She was a specialist in Risk Management from 2007-2019, first in asset and liability risk and later market risk. In 2019, she worked in Business Solutions in the Personal Banking division, on development and automation, including the implementation of Aukalán.

Guðrún holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Reykjavík University, an M.Sc. in Management Accounting and Business Intelligence from the same institution and is a licensed securities broker.

Head of Marketing

Hjalti Harðarson

Hjalti Harðarson is the new Head of Landsbankinn’s Marketing department. He has 15 years’ experience of marketing and digitalisation. Most recently, Hjalti has been team leader of digital development in the Marketing department of Arion Bank where he led work on data-driven marketing. He was previously marketing director at Askja, marketing advisor at advertising agency Sahara, managing director at Kjarninn media and department head at Síminn. 

Hjalti holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and an M.Sc. in International Marketing and Management from the same institution.

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29 July 2022

Beware of fraud – do not approve payments and log-ins without due consideration

We would like to issue a warning about fraudulent behaviour that has taken place under name of Landsbankinn, and remind you that a transfer of funds should never be approved unless you really intend to transfer funds.
29 July 2022

Allocations from the Pride Parade Fund of Reykjavík Pride and Landsbankinn

Twelve associations and events received allocations from the Pride Parade Fund of Reykjavík Pride and Landsbankinn for the 2022 Pride Parade. Reykjavík Pride begins on Tuesday the 2nd of August, and the main event is the Pride Parade on Saturday, August 6th.
8 July 2022

More ways to utilise banking services

We now allow third party service providers to display information about our customers’ payment accounts in their own apps, provided the customer has given consent.
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29 June 2022

Landsbankinn changes interest rates

Variable interest rates on non-indexed housing mortgages increase by 0.85 percentage points (pp), to 6.25%. Fixed rates on new, non-indexed housing mortgages increase by 0.20-0.35 pp. Fixed rates on new, inflation-indexed housing mortgages increase by 0.20 percentage points (pp) while variable rates on inflation-indexed housing mortgages remain unchanged.
29 June 2022

New Head of Landsbankinn’s Customer Service Centre

Gróa Helga Eggertsdóttir has been hired as Head of Landsbankinn’s Customer Service Centre.
28 June 2022

New personnel in Corporate Finance

Guðmundur Már Thórsson and Júlíus Fjeldsted are new members of Landsbankinn’s Corporate Finance team.
Kristín Rut Einarsdóttir
27 June 2022

New Branch Manager in Hafnarfjörður

Kristín Rut Einarsdóttir has been appointed Branch Manager of Landsbankinn’s Hafnarfjörður branch.
23 June 2022

Congratulations to Alvotech for listing on First North Iceland

Following the listing of Alvotech’s shares on Nasdaq New York last week, the company has now also been listed on the Nasdaq First North Iceland Growth Market. 
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21 June 2022

Varied projects linked to the energy transition awarded sustainability grants

Six interesting projects have been awarded grants from Landsbankinn’s Sustainability Fund in the total amount of ISK 10 million. This is the initial allocation from the Fund.
16 June 2022

Successful listing of Alvotech on Nasdaq New York

Shares in Alvotech were admitted to trading on Nasdaq New York on 16 June.

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