Allocati­on from the Pri­de Para­de Fund of Reykja­vík Pri­de and Lands­bank­inn

Twelve groups and events received grants from the Pride Parade Fund of Reykjavík Pride and Landsbankinn this year. The Pride Parade, scheduled to be held on Saturday 7 August, is the pinnacle of Reykjavík Pride and this year marks its 20th anniversary.
22 July 2021

Allocation from the Pride Parade Fund this year is in the substantial amount of ISK 3 million, promising a spectacular Parade. Restrictions on gatherings prevented last year’s Parade from being held and Landsbankinn’s ISK 1.5 million contribution was not allocated. Instead, the 2020 contribution was added to this year’s Pride Parade Fund.

The following groups and events receive grants from the 2021 Pride Parade Fund:

  • Bangsafélagið - ISK 175,000
  • BDSM á Íslandi - ISK 150,000
  • Félag hinsegin foreldra - ISK 50,000
  • Hinsegin félagsmiðstöð - ISK 450,000
  • Hinsegin kórinn - ISK 225,000
  • Hinsegin Ladies Night - ISK 150,000
  • HIV Ísland - ISK 150,000
  • Hópur tví- og pankynhneigðra - ISK 50,000
  • Minningaratriði um fallna ástvini - ISK 100,000
  • Samtökin ’78 - ISK 150,000
  • Starína og félagar: Allir geta verið prinsessur! - ISK 300,000
  • Trans Ísland - ISK 350,000

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Pride Parade, it was also decided to allocate a special motivational grant to Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson in the amount to ISK 500,000, to encourage him to keep up the good work and extend heartfelt thanks for his important contribution to the Parade.

In total, allocation to these projects amounts to ISK 2.8 million, with ISK 200,000 held in reserve to allocate in special awards at the end of Reykjavík Pride. Special awards are granted to an individual or group that did not receive a grant from the Pride Parade Fund yet manages to present their message in a memorable manner in the Parade.

This year’s panel of judges was made up of Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon, Managing Director of Reykjavík Pride, Anna Eir Guðfinnudóttir, Pride Parade Director, Margrét Erla Maack, media personality and artist, and Vilhjálmur Ingi Vilhjálmsson, Events Director.

Landsbankinn has been a proud supporter of Reykjavík Pride from the beginning.

Reykjavík Pride

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