Stúlkur á hlaupahjólum

We’ll grow your con­firm­a­tion gift

Con­firm­ands and kids in that age group re­ceive a con­tri­bu­tion from us of up to ISK 32,000 when they in­vest their gift money.

It pays to save with us!

Investing your money in a Framtíðargrunnur savings account and Landsbréf funds can earn you up to ISK 32,000 in a contribution from us. Get in touch for the contribution and a small surprise.

Stúlkur úti í náttúru

Higher savings mean a higher contribution

You receive an ISK 6,000 contribution if you deposit ISK 30,000 to a Framtíðargrunnur savings account. The same applies if you buy in Landsbréf’s funds.  

But that’s not all! If you invest a higher amount, you get a 5% contribution on the amount exceeding ISK 30,000. The contribution cannot exceed ISK 16,000 for either option. 

If you take advantage of both savings options, the contribution you receive can be up to ISK 32,000! 

Calculate the contribution


Your money

60,000 kr.

Our contribution

12,000 kr.


72,000 kr.

Get in touch for the contribution and a small surprise

We look forward to seeing you
Make an appointment at a time of your choosing.


Framtíðargrunnur savings account bears the highest interest rates offered on general deposit accounts at each time, making it an attractive choice for long-term savings.


It’s easy to save in funds. That way, you’ll spread your risk and increase your chances of good returns on your savings.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment for the contribution and a small surprise.

Landsbankaappið í síma

Begin by setting your goal

It’s easy to save up for the things you want. You decide what to save up for, how much and when you want to reach your goal. The app then calculates how much you have to set aside each month.

The app gives you our highest interest rate for an unrestricted deposit account.

Join our group of satisfied customers

Applying for access to online banking and the app, creating an account and getting a debit card is a matter of minutes.


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