Two new manag­ing directors at Lands­bank­inn

Bergsteinn Ó. Einarsson has been hired as Managing Director of Risk Management at Landsbankinn and Sara Pálsdóttir has been hired as Managing Director of Community, a new division of the Bank which incorporates human resources, marketing, education, communication, sustainability and the Economic Research department.
24 September 2021

Managing Director of Community at Landsbankinn

Sara Pálsdóttir is a Master of International Business from Bifröst University and holds a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration, with a focus on marketing and tourism, from the University of Akureyri. Sara has worked for Eimskip since 2011, most recently as Director of Import. She was previously at Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare in the UK as a specialist in market analysis and worked at Landsbankinn, partly alongside her studies, in 2004-2008.

Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn:

“Sara is a a strong leader with good management experience and comprehensive experience of Icelandic industry and commerce. She has thorough knowledge of budgeting and planning  and has been responsible for Eimskip’s successful business relationships with all major domestic importers. Community is a new division that reflects the focus of Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank. Our core value is trust and we want to strengthen positive connections between customers and the Bank. Sara is well aware of the challenges involved in surpassing competition for customer loyalty and of how employee satisfaction contributes to better service and increased customer satisfaction.”

Managing Director of Risk Management at Landsbankinn

Bergsteinn Ó. Einarsson holds a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and has 15 years of experience of risk management. He has been in a management role at the Bank since 2012. Bergsteinn has served as Deputy Managing Director of Risk Management in recent years and stepped in as a temporary Managing Director last spring. Bergsteinn started as a specialist  in Landsbankinn Risk Management in 2008 and had previously worked in risk management at Kaupthing in 2005 and 2006.

Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn:

“Robust risk management is a key element of sound banking operation. The role of Risk Management is to maintain an overview of all risks and support the Bank’s other divisions to manage risk. Risk Management is also in regular contact with regulators. Bergsteinn has showed leadership skills in his work and has an excellent overview and understanding of the integration of various risks. He is resourceful and understands well the role risk management will play in transforming banking into the future.”

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18 Oct. 2021

S&P confirms unchanged credit rating for Landsbankinn

S&P Global Ratings has today published a report on Landsbankinn’s credit rating where an unchanged long-term credit rating was confirmed at BBB/A-2 with stable outlook.
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6 Sept. 2021

Ceases employment at Landsbankinn

Hrefna Ösp Sigfinnsdóttir, Managing Director of Asset Management & Capital Markets at Landsbankinn, has resigned her position with the Bank, where she has worked since 2010. She has already ceased employment.
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23 July 2021

Landsbankinn utilises authorisation to buy back own shares

Landsbankinn's Board of Directors has decided to exercise an authorisation to purchase the Bank's own shares, which was approved at the Bank's AGM on 24 March this year. The buyback programme allows for the maximum purchase of 57 million shares, or 0.24% of issued shares. Landsbankinn has previously offered shareholders the chance to sell their shares in the Bank, most recently in December 2018.
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22 July 2021

Financial results of Landsbankinn in H1 of 2021

Landsbankinn's profit was ISK 14.1 billion during the first half of 2021, compared with a loss of ISK 3.3 billion for the same period in 2020. Return on equity (ROE) for the period was 10.8% on an annualised basis, compared with -2.7% during the same period of 2020.
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31 May 2021

Ceases employment at Landsbankinn 

Perla Ösp Ásgeirsdóttir, Managing Director of Risk Management at Landsbankinn, has resigned her position with the Bank and ceased employment.  
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6 May 2021

Financial results of Landsbankinn for the first three months of 2021

The Bank’s profit in the first three months of 2021 amounted to ISK 7.6 billion. Return on equity (ROE) was 11.7%.
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24 March 2021

Results of the AGM of Landsbankinn 2021

The annual general meeting of Landsbankinn, held on 24 March 2021, agreed to pay a dividend amounting to ISK 4,489 million to shareholders. The dividend is equivalent to 42.7% of 2020 profits. As a result, total dividends paid by the Bank in 2013-2021 will amount to around ISK 146 bn. Three new individuals were elected to the Board of Directors at the AGM.
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22 March 2021

Proposals for the Annual General Meeting and candidates for the Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting of Landsbankinn will be held on Wednesday, 24 March 2021. Proposals for the AGM and information about candidates for election to the Board of Directors are available on the Bank’s website.
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18 Feb. 2021

Landsbankinn issues green euro-denominated bonds

Today, Landsbankinn concluded the sale of a new green bond series in the amount of EUR 300 million. The bonds bear 0.375% fixed rates and were sold at terms equivalent to an 87 basis points spread above mid-swap market rates. Subscriptions came to just under one billion euro from more than 80 investors.
11 Feb. 2021

Financial results of Landsbankinn for 2020

The profit of Landsbankinn hf. in 2020 was ISK 10.5 billion after taxes, as compared with ISK 18.2 billion in 2019. After-tax ROE was 4.3% in 2020, as compared with 7.5% in 2019.

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