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We’re ready and will­ing to meet with the people of Grin­davík to go over their fin­ances dur­ing these un­cer­tain times.

Solutions and advice

We’re cancelling interest and indexation on our Grindavík customers’ housing mortgages for three months and offer a six-month payment deferral on housing mortgages. This will lighten the burden of people from Grindavík, who are facing a great deal of uncertainty about income, housing and their assets. Please contact us if you want to review your finances.


No interest or indexation accrues to housing mortgage of Grindavík inhabitants for a three-month period

The cancellation applies to November and December 2023, and January 2024, and is limited to interest and indexation on total loans in the maximum amount of ISK 50 million. If a borrower has a loan or combined loans of over ISK 50 million, the cancellation is limited to interest and indexation on an ISK 50 million loan.

We need the customer’s approval to cancel interest and indexation. This is done by signing an annex to the housing mortgage and this can be done electronically. The annex can be found in Landsbankinn’s app under “Documents” and “Signatures”.

Payment deferral buys time

All of our Grindavík customers can defer payments on their housing mortgages with Landsbankinn for a period of six months. This solution is intended to provide financial leeway. During the period of deferred payment, you pay no instalments, interest or indexation on your housing mortgage.  

Deferred interest is added to the loan twelve months after the deferral period begins and does not accrue interest for the first twelve months. The term of loan is extended to reflect the deferral period.  

If you choose to defer payments now or at a later date, it will not preclude you from taking advantage of other solutions or assistance from the Bank in the future.  

Easy to get it done in our app

We’ve made applying for payment deferral as simple as possible. In almost all cases, the process can be concluded in Landsbankinn’s app.

Select “Documents” in the app and then “Signatures”. 
You’ll find a document that needs to be signed with electronic ID by all co-payors of the loan. 
We’ll take care of the rest and there is no charge for documentation or public registration. 

Review finances

Events like these cause great uncertainty in the financial affairs of both individuals and companies. We offer various solutions and encourage all our Grindavík customers to contact us to review their finances. It’s best to book an appointment with our advisors here on our website.

The people of Grindavík will be warmly received in any and all of our branches around Iceland, over the phone or remote meetings.


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