The per­fect gift for every­body

Choos­ing a gift is easy with the gift card. It’s the per­fect gift be­cause every­one can get some­thing they like.

How do the gift cards work?

You decide on an amount and the recipient selects the gift
Gift cards come nicely wrapped
Gift cards can be registered to Apple Pay, the card app and Google Wallet
Gift card ATMs are located in Mjódd, Borgartún and Hamraborg

Order a gift card

You can order gift cards and pick them up at any branch. You can also use the gift card ATMs in Mjódd, Borgartún and Hamraborg.


The gift card in your phone

You can use your gift card when you pay with your phone. Add your gift card to Google Wallet or Apple Wallet and start using it.

Register the card with Google Wallet

You can register your card directly through Google Wallet and begin making contactless payments in stores, apps and online.

Open Google Wallet or download it from the Google Play Store.
Select “Add to Wallet” and add the card to your wallet.
Enter the verification code that you received via text message.
Confirm Google Wallet as your device’s primary payment portal.

Register the card with Apple Wallet

With Apple Pay, you can use your phone to make secure payments. Register your card in Apple Wallet to begin making contactless payments.

Open Wallet and select the “+” icon in the top right corner.
Apple Watch
Open the Apple Watch app on your phone, select “Wallet & Apple Pay” and then “Add Credit or Debit Card”.
Go to Settings, select “Wallet & Apple Pay” and then “Add Credit or Debit Card”.
MacBook Pro með Touch ID
Go to System Preferences, select Wallet & Apple Pay and then “Add Card”.


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