Re­sponse to the people of Grin­davík un­der con­sid­er­a­tion

20 November 2023

It is hard to imagine the uncertainty the people of Grindavík are currently living with. All of us at Landsbankinn are holding Grindavík in our thoughts. We are proud of our Grindavík branch and thankful for our many long-standing and valued customers in the community, both individuals and companies.

Last Monday, we announced that all Grindavík customers could defer payments on their mortgages for up to six months. This solution is a traditional payment holiday, whereby customers make no payment on their loans and the deferred payment of interest/indexation is added to the principal. No interest accrues to deferred interest and indexation until 12 months following such deferral.

Payment holiday creates space to consider further action

We are fully aware that deferred payment is not a solution to all the financial challenges the people of Grindavík are faced with. It is nevertheless a solution that can ease financial concerns for a short period and create some financial leeway which can come in handy in this period of uncertainty.

We are looking at other ways and means of supporting Grindavík and the Bank has liaised with public authorities on the next steps.

Welcome to come see us

Events like those we are currently experiencing cause great uncertainty in the finances of both individuals and companies. We offer various solutions and encourage all our Grindavík customers to contact us to review their finances. It’s best to book an appointment with our advisors online. The people of Grindavík will be warmly received in any and all of our branches around Iceland, over the phone or remote meetings.

Make appointment to review finances

The Bank’s employees’ association has already offered the vacation housing it has at its disposal for the use of Grindavík inhabitants. We have also provided equipment and other useful items to the service centre for Grindavík in Tollhúsið. The employees of our Grindavík branch continues to work for the Bank, either in other branches or remotely. We will continue to support Grindavík in various ways.

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16 Nov. 2023
Safe-deposit boxes moved from Grindavík to Mjóddin branch
The safe-deposit boxes that were located in Landsbankinn’s Grindavík branch were moved to the Mjóddin branch yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 15 November. There were around 150 safe-deposit boxes in Grindavík. The boxes will be accessible to customers as of tomorrow, Friday 17 November.
16 Nov. 2023
Information about banking services for the people of Grindavík
While our branch in Grindavík remains closed, we welcome all the people of Grindavík at any of our other branches. It’s easy to book an appointment on and choose between a phone consultation, remote meeting or visit to any of our branches. Landsbankinn is present around the country. Current events could lead to loss of income for many people and the impact on local businesses is also considerable. We offer various solutions, both for individuals and companies. If you need assistance to use the Bank’s services or want to review your financial situation, we encourage you to get in touch. Easy to defer mortgage payments Many of our customers in Grindavík have housing mortgages and they will all have the option to defer payments (postpone instalments). Please contact us if you wish to do so. You can book an appointment on or email us at Mortgage payments can be deferred for up to six months. It’s quick and easy to apply and no fees will be charged to our Grindavík customers in this case. Safety-deposit boxes in Grindavík have been removed and are accessible in our branch in Mjódd, Reykjavík. The Bank’s employees in Grindavík have, just like other inhabitants, been relocated to other towns and will continue their work for the Bank, in other branches or through remote work, depending on the situation. We are monitoring developments closely and will post further information here on our website. First published 13 November 2023, most recently updated on 16 November 2023.

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