Borgað með Aukakrónum

Is your phone burst­ing with Aukakrónur?

You col­lect Aukakrónur when you use one of our pay­ment cards to pay with the pro­gramme’s part­ners.

You get Aukakrónur from Landsbankinn on all domestic card use.
You also get a discount in the form of Aukakrónur when shopping with our partners.
You can use Aukakrónur to buy almost anything with our partners.

How do I collect Aukakrónur?

You collect Aukakrónur when using your credit card or pre-paid card. We contribute Aukakrónur in the amount of 0.2%-0.5% on all domestic card use. You also collect Aukakrónur when you shop with the programme’s partners. Our partners are numerous and the purchase discount is up to 20%.

Borgað með Aukakrónum

Cards linked to Aukakrónur

Almost all our credit cards and pre-paid cards are linked to the Aukakrónur programme. You gather a varying amount of Aukakrónur depending on the type of card you have. Learn more about our selection of cards.

How do I use Aukakrónur?

All Aukakrónur you gather accrue to your withdrawal card. The withdrawal card can be used like any other payment card to pay for goods and services with our partners. One Aukakróna is equivalent to one Icelandic króna and our partners number over 200. It doesn’t get any simpler!

Aukakrónur og

You can buy almost anything with Aukakrónur

Check out over 50,000 products that you can buy for Aukakrónur on the product search site. It’s easy to search by category, with search words or by browsing the most popular products at each time.

Borgað með Aukakrónum í matvöruverslun

Aukakrónur are on your phone

You can use Aukakrónur when you pay with your phone. Add your Aukakrónur withdrawal card to Google Wallet or Apple Wallet through Landsbankinn’s app and start paying. The app also allows you to access card numbers to use on the online shopping platforms of our partners.

Learn about our partners

Our partners number over 200 and operate all over Iceland.

Aukakrónur in the app

You’ll find everything you need to know about Aukakrónur in Landsbankinn’s app. You can check your balance, transaction statements and add the withdrawal card to your mobile wallet.

Want to become an Aukakrónur partner?

Aukakrónur are Landsbankinn’s benefit system. Around 75,000 of our customers collect Aukakrónur. Contact us at to learn more!

Join our group of satisfied customers

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